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Twisted Sisters
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Love Breaking Through Pt. 1 (Horatio Caine/Ryan Wolfe) 
20th-Jan-2007 07:37 pm
Two Chairs
Title: Love Breaks Through Pt. 1
Authors: Angel/Derek and Chris/Dino
Pairing: Horatio Caine and Ryan Wolfe
Disclaimer: We don’t own the characters. Wish we did, but we will give them back to the crack writers when we are done with them. Making absolutely no money off this crazed endeavor or at least none that we can claim on our taxes….Just kidding….
Summary: Horatio and Ryan come to some realizations about themselves and the true nature of their relationship.
Type: Slash with lots of humor involved.
Authors Notes: This is our first attempt at writing together, so please bear with us. Jessica Lynn belongs to Angel. Sara Mitchum belongs to Chris.
Fandom: CSI: Miami

Love Breaks Through Pt. 1

The alarm went off with a piercing shrill. A hand slipped out from under the covers and knocked it off the nightstand onto the floor. It hit the hardwood floor and shattered into little pieces.

The hand returned under the covers and the person it belonged to burrowed deeper into the bed.

Five minutes later, the alarm clock across the room went off.

The person in the bed growled and swore. He felt the world was out to get him and it was only five-thirty in the morning.

Knowing that the alarm would keep going off, he climbed out of bed and silenced it. He turned and looked back at the bed. It taunted him. He swore again and went to take a shower.


He was drying his hair when the phone rang. He groaned and grabbed it on the third ring.

“Caine,” he said brusquely.

“Good morning, Horatio,” chirped the chipper voice of Sara Mitchum. “Happy birthday!”

“You had to remind me, didn’t you?” Horatio groused. His best female friend was the last person he wanted to hear from so early in the day. He cradled the portable phone against his shoulder as he returned to the bathroom to finish getting ready for the day.

“Getting older isn’t a death sentence you know.”

“Then why does this particular birthday make me feel like it is?” Horatio inquired as he studied his face in the mirror. He could have sworn he had more wrinkles than freckles.

“Good question,” Sara countered. “So why do you feel like that?”

“Do you often psych people before their first cup of coffee?”

“Deflection doesn’t work with me,” Sara warned with a hint of hardness in her voice.

“How about I tell you over lunch?” Horatio compromised.

“Alright,” Sara conceded. She knew how far she could push Horatio, and could tell by the sound of his voice that he was nearing a breaking point. “But since it’s your special day, it’ll be my treat.”

“Deal,” Horatio agreed.


Horatio stepped out of the elevator and walked up the Reception Desk. He had his sunglasses and a Styrofoam cup in one hand and was slipping his cell phone into his shirt pocket with the other one.

“Good morning, Paula,” he greeted the officer sitting at the desk.

“Good morning, Lieutenant,” Paula said in return. She handed him a few pink message slips and a white envelope.

Horatio thanked her and made his way to his office or what he jokingly called his fish bowl. He still couldn’t get use to the redesign of the lab, but he chalked it up to spending too much time away from the lab since Speed’s death.

He pushed that thought back into a dark corner and slammed the door shut on it. Time enough at lunch for introspection.

He opened the door to his office and sighed. His Inbox was overflowing with files. He could see his morning going down the drain as the practical part of him took over.

He settled behind his desk. He tossed the messages and envelope on his desk calendar. He sat the cup down next to the phone before slipping his cell phone out of his pocket and plugging it in to recharge.

A knock on the door had him looking up. He saw Ryan and motioned for the young man to come in. He had to wear that shirt today, didn’t he? Horatio asked himself as he tried to ignore the effect the tight, light-sage t-shirt and black Dockers had on his libido.

“Morning, H,” Ryan said in greeting.

“Mr. Wolfe,” Horatio said formally. No matter how he tried he could never get himself to address the young as anything but Mr. Wolfe, even though he knew it hurt Ryan’s feelings. “What can I do for you?”

“Alexx asked me to deliver this for her,” Ryan explained as he hand Horatio an off-tan envelope. “She had to run back to Bryan’s school. He left his book bag in the car this morning.”

Horatio accepted the card careful not to let his fingers brush Ryan’s no matter how badly he wanted to touch the younger man. If he was truthful with himself, he wanted to drag Ryan into a dark corner and fuck his brains out.

“Tell her I said thank you when you see her,” Horatio replied with a hint of dismissal in his voice. He needed to get away from Ryan before he forgot who and where he was. It wouldn’t help the lab’s reputation if he got caught kissing a subordinate and a male subordinate at that.

“Sure thing,” Ryan said hiding his hurt at Horatio’s cool tone. He had promised himself that morning to stop seeking constant approval from Horatio, but so much for keeping that promise. “By the way…”


“Happy Birthday,” Ryan remarked before he left the office.


Yeah. Happy fucking birthday to me, Horatio thought sourly as he watched Ryan leave his office.
He reluctantly pulled his eyes from Ryan’s tight ass and returned his attention to his In-box. He had a lot to finish before lunchtime.

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