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Twisted Sisters
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Love Breaking Through Pt. 2 (Horatio Caine/Ryan Wolfe) 
20th-Jan-2007 06:54 pm
Title: Love Breaks Through Pt. 2
Authors: Angel/Derek and Chris/Dino
Pairing: Horatio Caine and Ryan Wolfe
Disclaimer: We don’t own the characters. Wish we did, but we will give them back to the crack writers when we are done with them. Making absolutely no money off this crazed endeavor or at least none that we can claim on our taxes….Just kidding….
Summary: Horatio and Ryan come to some realizations about themselves and the true nature of their relationship.
Type: Slash with lots of humor involved.
Authors Notes: This is our first attempt at writing together, so please bear with us. Jessica Lynn belongs to Angel. Sara Mitchum belongs to Chris.
Fandom: CSI: Miami

Ryan was awake long before the alarm went off. Jessica Lynn had had a nightmare, so he went in to comfort her and then continued to hold her while she slept.


It had only been eight months since his sister Melanie died and Jessica Lynn had come to live with him. For the most part the nightmares were over, but every once in a while she would have one.


Leaning down Ryan placed a kiss on her forehead and woke her up. He sent her into her bathroom to get ready for school, while he hurried into his bathroom to shower and get ready for his day.


An hour later a frazzled Ryan was hurrying Jessica Lynn out of the house. She had decided to be stubborn that day and wanted to wear one of her ‘Sunday pretties’ as Melanie would call them, but the weather called for rain all day so Ryan vetoed that. Jessica spent twenty minutes being stubborn and trying to force Ryan to allow her, but he had stood his ground and finally they had settled on an outfit that was acceptable to both of them. Unfortunately that made them late in leaving.


Dropping Jessica Lynn off at school with a hug and kiss and a promise to be good, Ryan watched her enter the building and then hurried on to the crime lab. Regardless of leaving late, Ryan still made it to work early.




He was just coming out of the locker room when Patrick Jackson stepped out of one of the processing rooms.


“Hey Wolfe come here a sec,” Jackson called.


Ryan groaned and slowly approached. No one liked Patrick Jackson. He sucked as a CSI and everyone wondered why he had his job, other than the fact he was a friend of Stetler’s.


“What’s up Patrick?” Ryan asked as he stepped through the door.


Patrick laughed and stepped out of the room, “you need to process that evidence. It’s quitting time and I’m outta here.”


“What are you talking about?” Ryan asked in confusion.


“An officer was shot and that’s the evidence from the crime scene. The higher ups want it done ASAP. I was told that I could leave when I handed it over to someone. So have fun, I’m gone.” Patrick said as he walked away laughing.


Ryan stood there, staring at Patrick’s retreating back in shock. Sighing he turned around and looked at the table and the evidence. Snorting in disgust Ryan went and began doing what he was paid to do, processing the evidence. Hoping his day would get better.




It had taken him an hour to get the evidence in any semblance of order and then another hour to get everything ready for the tests to be run. Once the tests were started, Ryan knew it would take at least thirty minutes for the results to come in and so he asked Valera to watch the room while he went and got a cup of coffee.


“Hi Ryan,” Alexx called as she stepped off the elevator.


“Hey Alexx, what’s up?” she asked.


“Can you do me a favor and deliver Horatio’s birthday card to him for me please? Bryan left his school bag in the car and I have to run back to the school to give it to him.” Alexx asked.


Taking the envelope Ryan said, “sure thing.”


Leaning up to kiss his cheek Alexx said “Thanks sweetie,” before stepping back onto the elevator and heading back to her son’s school.


Ryan looked at his watch and saw that he still had a while until the results were in, so he decided to deliver the card now. Going to Horatio’s office he stood at the door for a few moments, just watching.


He had to smile at Horatio’s choice of attire. Ryan knew he should ask Horatio for fashion tips because even though Horatio was dressed casually he still looked professional. The off-white cotton dress shirt just accented Horatio’s reddish-gold hair.


Shaking his head, Ryan knocked on the door and waited for the okay to enter. It was a short visit. He went in, delivered not only the message from Alexx and the card but also his own personal Happy Birthday wishes, before hurrying out and back to the lab where the test results were just coming out.


Silently lecturing himself about the pang of hurt he felt when Horatio once again called him Mr. Wolfe, Ryan thanked Valera and continued on with the evidence.



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